Black Raspberry
(Rubus occidentalis)

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Black Raspberry Painting
Black Raspberry Cane
Black raspberries are among the best of the brambles, and the earliest to appear. Like other brambles, they're arching, thorny shrubs with palmate-compound leaves (leaf subdivisions originate from the same point).
Black Raspberry in Flower
Black Raspberry Cane in Flower

A waxy, blue green bloom you can rub off with your finger covers this sparsely thorny shrub. The three sharply double-toothed leaflets are white underneath.

The white to pink flowers appear in mid- to late spring, in flattish clusters of 3-7 individuals.

Black Raspberry Flower
Black Raspberry Flower
The hollow (blackberries aren't hollow), purple, black faceted berries, which are 1/2 inch across, appear in early summer.
Black Raspberry
Black Raspberry
Look for these tasty berries in thickets from the East Coast to the Rockies, but not in the Deep South.
Black Raspberries
Black Raspberries
Of course, if black raspberries don’t grown in your area, you can substitute your local raspberries for black raspberries in recipes.
Black Raspberry T-Shirt Design
Foraging for Brambles
An article by "Wildman"
Vegetarian Journal, Issue 3, 2006